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Coming Soon: Lessons from Self-Publishing a Cookbook

Our cookbooks are in transit!

Steph and I are very excited about The Fisherman's Wife. It took three years to write, photograph, design and self-publish.

Three years?!

That's right. Three years! There's a lot involved in producing a cookbook, beyond just writing, testing recipes and staying inspired month after month. Steph and I learned about the production process as we went and met each challenge with determination--but sometimes straight up gumption wasn't enough to keep moving towards completion.

We couldn't have finished our book without an immense amount of support and advice from the foodie community in NYC, an experienced designer, and a top-notch printer with the patience for our process and budget. So in the time between receiving our bulk shipment and hitting the ground marketing and selling, we've decided to write about our process of producing this book from start to finish.

Maybe you're out there with a book idea and you don't know where or how to start; or maybe you're somewhere in the middle of it all or just about to finish. Wherever you are with your project, Steph and I hope to help by sharing what we learned along the way.

So check back soon for our article on how we self-published our cookbook, The Fisherman's Wife: Sustainable Recipes and Salty Stories. And if there's anything specific you want us to talk about in the article, let us know by commenting below!